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"A Dramatic Improvement From Last Year"

"Last year, we went .500, but this year, with your help, we finished the season with a recordof 30-19-4! Your drills helped develop the skills the kids needed to improve and it did not take long at all to prepare for each practice. youth hockey

There was a dramatic improvement from last year, because each activity had designated time-frames, and having it written out allowed for smoother transition from one drill to the next.

We were able to use a lot of the drills to help develop our first year skaters, improve the skills of our intermediate skaters, and keep our advanced players from getting bored and complacent."

Robert Biehl
Champaign-Urbana 8U Chiefs
Champaign, IL/USA

34-15-3 Record!

canadian hockey team"Your system showed me how much time to allow for different drills so I could keep the interest of the kids. In a 52 game season we had 34 wins 15 losses and 3 overtime losses."

James R. Ross
Castlegar Rebels
Castlegar, British Columbia


"We Won The League Championship!"

"Your system was easy to follow and helped organize my whole season. By having a plan I was able to utilize all the ice time to have a productive and effective practice. girls hockey

This was my first season - from start to finish it was a major improvement. We won the league championship and came in third in the playoffs!"

Tina Merx
Surrey Female Atom Falcons
Surrey, BC, Canada


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My name is Matt Fortin, and I'd like to share the wisdom and inside secrets I've discovered in over 22 years as a hockey player and coach.

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hockey drills The simple secret to creating scoring opportunities off of an offensive rush (and why 8 out of 10 coaches get this dead wrong!)
hockey drills 7 championship-proven drills to help your defenders develop offensive skills on the blue line
hockey drills How to teach your players to get to loose pucks faster, react quickly to the play, and get back in position in balance and under control
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