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When you want to get into ice hockey coaching, there are certain things you must know. Like every job, you are certainly going to start at the bottom of the ladder. The thing is that some people do not know how to get to the bottom of the ladder. There is a beginning to everything and ice hockey coaching is no different. Here is what to do to get into ice hockey coaching and travel all the way up that coaching ladder.

Know the game

If you want to get in ice hockey coaching, the best way to start is to play the game. By playing the game, you will get to know the game. It does not matter if you do not have superstar abilities. By playing the game, you will get to know the rules and regulations. If by some reason playing the game is not for you, you can always sit in the seats, learn the rules and watch what referees are doing and what kind of calls they are making. Most, if not all NHL referees started out by playing the game, some did not get very far with their playing career and turned to officiating.

Getting startedIce Hockey Coaching

You have now decided that you know enough about ice hockey coaching and you want to put your knowledge to work. However, where to start? The first thing you want to do is ask around your community to see if the hockey league is in need of a coach. You can also check out your local high school or college. Many pro level coaches starting out by coaching in college and then moved up the ranks into universities and some have gotten their big breaks in the NHL. You must always prove yourself at a lower level before even thinking of moving up.

Once you’re started

So, you have worked for a while now at the high school or college rank and want a bigger challenge. The next logical step is looking into the junior ranks. In the US, there are 6 junior leagues and about 2 as much in Canada. The junior leagues are the best place to get ready for the minors. If you get enough recognition in the juniors, the minors will certainly look your way. The minors by the way are the step just below the NHL. That is if you are not coaching in the University circuit.

How to move up further

Once you have accomplished what you wanted in your minor career, the next stop is to look at the pros. A good way to be noticed by the pros is to win awards and championships with your minor club. The pros cannot look beside a winning coach. If by any chance you do not have championships but are convinced that you have what it takes, you can always apply for an assistant coach position. This is great for young coaches because you can actually see hands on what it takes to be a top coach in a top league.

If you think that ice hockey coaching is in your blood and you want to succeed, there are certain steps that you must follow. You must always remember that to get at the top of the coaching world you must know where to begin.


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