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Most hockey coaches consider themselves lucky if they have one or two high performance skaters … but what if you had a whole team of superior skaters?

How many games would you win … and how much would other coaches and teams dread playing against your team?

Well, if you have ever dreamed about having a team filled with fast, smooth skaters who could skate circles around the opposition, I urge you to get comfortable and read the rest of this web page right now. Trust me you are going to be very excited by what you read!

Institute for Hockey Research Unlocks the REAL
Keys to High Performance Skating …

The two most fundamental skills associated with playing winning hockey are:

check Skating
check And stick handling

And the truth is no matter how great a puck handler a player is, if he can’t skate well, his effectiveness is going to be very limited.

Simply put, skating fast is essential to playing great hockey.

Players like Marty St. Louis, Patrick Kane, Sidney Crosby, Erik Karlsson and many others owe a great deal of their hockey success to that one particular skill – being able to skate fast.

In Hockey, as in Most Other Sports,

Speed is a dangerous weapon that can provide your team with that one play that proves the difference between winning and losing a game or a series or even a championship.

Actually, little can be accomplished on the ice UNLESS you skate fast.

Players today:

check Must be able to move fast on the ice with and without the puck
check Must be able to stop and go or go from slow to fast in an instant
check Must be able to skate forward and backward equally well
check Must be able to corner, turn and transition

Hockey is now more than ever a game of SPEED.

Now as a Coach You May be Familiar with Another Saying – “You Can’t Teach Speed”

But what if you could?

What if you could make your players faster, smoother, more efficient skaters?

Do you think that would give you an instant advantage on your competition?

Do you think that would dramatically improve your won-loss record?

Of course it would! I know it certainly had those effects for me!

Let Me Quickly Introduce Myself…

My name is Matt Fortin and I’m a hockey coach who has seen his team go from being somewhat of a laughing stock to being the dominant team in its conference the past four seasons.

What changed?

Simple, I began using the skating tips revealed by the Institute for Hockey Research.

Founded by Coach Mike Bracko, a sports physiologist who specializes in hockey, the IHR has one mission – to study the SCIENCE of high performance hockey.

As part of that mission, the institute has extensively researched skating – hockey’s most fundamental skill – and developed a complete coaching program that is guaranteed to improve your players skating or your money back.

The program is available in a special video clinic that will allow you to see firsthand how to perfect your players skating form and dramatically improve their power and speed.

And since it is on video, you can stop and rewind important sections and you can access the content anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection, 24/7.

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn from the High Performance Skating Video Clinic:

check A four-step coaching model that will allow you to maximize available ice time and teach your players how to quickly and easily master the form that’s essential for high performance skating!
check Skating techniques that your players can use to accelerate forward and backward, quickly stop, give and absorb body contact and in general become the lean, mean skating machines you need to win lots and lots of hockey games!
check Why coaches who are constantly telling players to “keep their stick on the ice” are dead wrong and are actually hurting their players speed and conditioning!
check How to get your players to maintain proper balance at all times when on the ice – so many mistakes happen when players get out of balance, these techniques will cut down on those errors and give you another big advantage over the competition!
check How to master turns – as you well know, in a game hockey players rarely skate in a straight line, by mastering turns your players will be able to maneuver right past the defense and score goal after goal after goal!
check How to cut through the confusion and controversy that surround the best way to forward skate and ensure your players develop the speed and power they need to blow by slower defenders – plus Coach Bracko will also show you the four keys to skating backward FAST!
check The five characteristics of high performance skaters and how to develop each and every one in your players!
check Exactly what to look for and stress to get your players to skate like real NHL stars – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do when you follow these simple steps!
check Why using speed skating techniques will actually slow down a hockey skater and what you should be teaching your players instead – what you learn here will surprise you!
check How a simple thing like lacing up the skates can have a dramatic effect on a player’s skating form and speed – make sure your players are lacing up the right way by watching this!
check How to tap into the hidden power of arm movement to send a player’s speed skyrocketing!
check Hop, crossover or quick medium-length stride – which technique the latest research has shown is REALLY the fastest way for a hockey player to take off!
check How hip rotation effects speed and what your players need to know about rotating their hips to quickly accelerate from a static position and reach top speed before the opposition!
check Dynamic acceleration tips that will allow your players to go from skating fast to a whole new level that will make them nearly impossible to catch!v
check How to pivot and go from forward to backward or backward to forward seamlessly!
check Form and techniques that will allow your players to stop on a dime!
check The similarities and differences between forward and backward skating and how to get your players to excel at backward skating and stopping!
check How to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and excel at game performance skating!
check And much, much more!

The Game of Hockey is Only
Getting Faster…

Every year it seems like players are getting bigger, stronger … and faster.

If you look around, the teams that dominate the sport today are not filled with the biggest players or the strongest players but with the fastest skaters.

So what about your team?

Are you ready to develop the superior skaters you need to not just to compete but excel at today’s fast-paced game?

If so, then the IHR’s High Performance Skating Video Clinic is perfect for you!

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BrackoCoach Bracko is not just the founder of the Institute for Hockey Research, he is also an exercise physiologist and a top skating coach and consultant.

He has devoted his life to studying the science of high performance hockey and has become a sought-after expert on the subject.

In fact, top teams often pay as much as $150 an hour for his services.

So how much would you be willing to pay to have Coach Bracko come to your practice and instruct your players on high performance skating?

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Here’s the Bottom Line on This
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Why make yourself go through all the stress and struggle of trying to find the best way to improve your players’ skating?

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You’ll learn:

check How to quickly develop fast, powerful skaters using easy-to-follow strategies and techniques
check How to spot and correct form flaws that will instantly increase your players skating speed
check Fundamental rules that will help you squeeze maximum velocity from every skater on your team
check How to maximize practice time and improve players’ skating without interfering with your coaching on other important game areas
check How to analyze your players skating strengths and weaknesses and turn them into terrific skaters in no time
check What every coach must know to really improve his team’s skating
check Complete blueprints for how to get your players to skate much, much faster both going forward and backward – plus, how to stop in both directions on a dime
check And much more

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Coach Matt Fortin

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