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Coaches: STOP wasting your precious practice time on useless conditioning exercises, and discover the simple secret for giving your team a massive competitive advantage!

From: Coach Matt Fortin
Monday, 1:51PM

To: "e-Hotlist" Member

Dear Coach,

Please excuse my audacity, but I'm willing to bet you that I could instantly DOUBLE the effectiveness of your hockey practices.

Why am I so sure? Because I've watched hundreds of practices, clinics, camps, and private workouts over the years, and seen hundreds of coaches shoot themselves in the foot with the same silly mistake.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar…

You know that hockey games are typically won and lost because of critical GAME BREAKING PLAYS.

You also know that most game breaking plays are the direct result of superior first step quickness and breakaway speed.

So, like any smart coach- you spend a good portion of your practice trying to build up your players' speed, agility, and quickness.

The drills you use in practice seem to work well enough, and your players seem to be getting better…

But When It Comes To Game Time,
Everything Falls Apart!

Kids are constantly getting beat in one on one situations... your players lack offensive creativity... in general- there just isn't the urgency, intensity, or hustle to win a hockey game...

And you're stuck on the bench, pulling your hair out… wondering why-oh-why the skills they developed in practice aren't TRANSFERRING to live competition!

It's frustrating for you and your coaching staff. It's frustrating for your players. And it's frustrating for your fans and team parents too.

But guess what?

It's Not Your Fault!

Truth is, some of the most popular hockey conditioning drills out there - the same ones many so-called coaching "experts" are telling you to use - do NOTHING to prepare your kids for the intensity, speed, and pressure of a real, live hockey game.

Here's the Bitter Truth

Most of the speed, agility, and quickness drills you are probably running, were developed for OTHER SPORTS.

And let me tell you, what works for Football Players, Volleyball Players, & Soccer Players simply DOES NOT TRANSLATE TO HOCKEY.

Hockey is Unique.

And your workouts need to be tailored to the unique conditions a hockey player faces IN A GAME...ON THE ICE.

As long as you keep running generic conditioning drills in your practices, your team will struggle. The losses will continue to mount up. Your coaching credibility will continue to plummet. And your players will get more and more bummed out and depressed with their hockey experience.

But don't worry. I've got good news for you: A simple solution to your practice woes that's easy to learn and easy to execute, whether you're a grizzled hockey veteran… or this is the first season at the helm.

It's a brand new hockey coaching resource called "Hockey's X Factor"

Inside, you'll learn 36 all-new conditioning drills specifically designed to help your team develop the SPEED, AGILITY, AND QUICKNESS required to dominate their competition.

This is NOT about using any fancy machines to build up your players' muscles (in fact, you don't need ANY machines or fancy weight room equipment).

It's about training your players to move more athletically on the ice by enhancing their speed, agility, and quickness.

Peter TwistYour instructor is Peter Twist, an 11 year veteran NHL Conditioning Coach and Exercise Physiologist for the Vancouver Canucks & Former President of the Hockey Conditioning Coaches Association.

When it comes to getting HOCKEY players ready for battle on the ice, he's the man.

Inside this online clinic, Twist takes you through his own hand-picked progression of dynamic hockey-specific conditioning drills to improve speed, agility, and quickness.

Every drill is designed to mimic the speed, competition, and intensity of a real game… combining technical skills and tactical skills, and preparing your kids to perform at their highest level against the toughest teams in your league.

Let's take a minute to go through a sample of what's included in this online clinic, so you can see how effective these drills will be for YOUR team:

check How to evaluate and improve your hockey players reaction speed with an unorthodox plyometric squat exercise.
check The worst thing your athletes can do before the speed, agility, and quickness workouts (this common practice sabotages most athletes from training at an optimal level)
check 6 most important "movement pattern exercises" to include in your speed training dynamic warm-up
check How to structure your SAQ workouts for optimal training (the order of exercises is KEY)
check 7 ladder drills that will help your players with their first step explosivness on the ice (plus 5 "technique tweaks" that will keep your players challenged as they improve their speed)
check Why having your hockey players do vertical jumping drills is not a good idea (plus how to use "micro hurdles" to make any exercise more applicable to hockey)
check How to improve your players lateral efficency with 5 key "coaching cues" that will help break the 3 most common bad habits of youth hockey players.
check 4 dry land partner drills that will dramatically improve your players stopping abilities. The faster and more controlled a player can stop, the faster they will be able to skate.
check How to train your players to move BEYOND focusing on simple acceleration, and instead focus on using their ability to speed up and slow down AT WILL as their greatest offensive tactic.
check Great players aren't focused on acceleration. Great players understand how to use use their ability to accelerate and decelerate AT WILL as their greatest offensive tactic. (Peter will show you 3 drills that will help this concept "click" in your athletes heads).
check How to make your land training exercises more transferable to the ice, with a simple piece of equipment you can pick up at the hardware store.
check How to use a lacrosse ball to improve your players start time by 6-10 feet.
check 7 first step quickness drills to help your players have an inside edge over ANY opponents (even if they are are considered a "slow" skater at top speed).
check Use the "Monty Python Plyometric Drill" to help your players improve their breaking ability on the ice.
check And Much More...


Trevor Linden“Twist has by far the best sport-specific training I’ve ever seen. From an innovation and attitude standpoint, its different worlds. I’ve played in Washington, New York and Montreal and they weren’t even close. Training in the last 10 years has been completely revolutionized”.

Trevor Linden
Former Vancouver Canucks Captain & All-Star

Look. I could go on and on about the cutting edge training contained in this clinic, but you really have to see it to understand.

Trying to explain these drills in a letter is like trying to see a painting in a dark room.

You really gotta watch the online videos to truly absorb these radical hockey conditioning techniques.

So here's the deal: I've really gone to the wall for you here, against everyone else's advice. My accountant thinks I've gone bonkers.

But I really want to prove to you how ground-breaking this training really is, and how well it'll work for YOUR team.

So I've created the best deal I can think of... but it's only available for a limited time.

If you're NOT interested in discovering the missing link that's keeping some of your players from being the very best they can be...

- That's okay -

Some of this material is so new and "unconventional", only experienced coaches really understand how well it works.

But if you ARE "game", here's what you should do next:

(1) Click on this link to place your secure order now. It's only $39, and there's already one slot for the clinic set aside in your name.

(2) Once your transaction is complete, you'll be instantly directed to the site where you can watch the complete video clinic right over your computer screen.

No special software or equipment is required... it's super easy.

(3) BUT YOU'RE NOT RISKING A PENNY! Because, once you watch the complete clinic, I want you to go ahead and spend 1 practice working on the drills you've learned (tonight if possible).

If your not totally blown away with the drills,

Then I INSIST you email me right back and ask for a complete, fast, and full refund. But...

I Want You To Keep The
Online Video Clinic For Free!

That's right, the entire clinic is yours to keep for FREE if you so choose. You can take a full 60 days before you decide one way or another (even though I'm positive you'll see results in your very next game).

If you don't see the immediate results I've talked about, you've wasted nothing but a few moments of your time.

That's all.

Click here to place your risk free order now!

You only pay if you're absolutely convinced. That's why I'm willing to lay it all on the line with this No Risk 100% Guarantee.

Your Risk Here is ZERO!

Click here to place your secure order now. I guarantee you're gonna love what you discover.


Coach Matt Fortin

PS - Look all you want for a catch - there isn't one. I stand behind this online video clinic more than anything I've ever recommended before.

If it doesn't improve your players speed, agility, and quickness – right away – then I don't expect you to pay a dime.

It really is that good.

Order Now


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