Best Hockey Drills

53 Fun and Effective Hockey Drills To Improve Your Team

Dear Coach,

What Coaches Who
Know Are Saying...*

(Your Results May Vary. No Guarantee of Specific Results)

"16-4 Record!"*


"Using your system, we went 16-4! The plans broke down everything into age appropriate drills and provided new ideas to keep everything fresh."

Dennis Aldrich
Canton Golden Bandits
Canton, Massachusetts

"Motivated The Kids To Work Hard!"*


"Your system was a new and refreshing approach to the hockey year's agenda. It made it motivating for the kids to work hard in practice and to always be ready (mentally and physically) for games. Our record was 14-3-3!"

Terry MacGillivary
Cape Breton County Islanders
Atom AAA
Sydney, Nova Scotia

"Cut My Prep Time In Half"*

"Using the pre-designed plans cuts my prep time by more than half. We started out 2-10, but the second half was a different story; after the boys accepted and learned some new drills, we went 6-1-1 to finish at 8-11-1. I have already told other coaches about this incredible system."

Darren J Eiermann
West Islip Freshman Hockey Club
West Islip, New York

Pee Wee League Champions!*


"Your system speeds up prep time and allows us a faster transition from one drill to the next. Using some of the more advanced defense and offense drills they played much more positional hockey. The kids fully bought into the team system and we won the pee wee league championship!"

Timothy Fischer
Tempe AZ

"39 Wins, 4 Losses"*

"Your plans are effective and simple to understand... especially the skating and puck handling drills. We ended up with 39 wins and 4 losses!"

Gordon R Smith
Ontario Steel Sales
Hanover, Ontario, Canada

Provincial Champions!*


"Last season you help me win a Provincial championship in the pee wee division.This season we ended up in the finals in all tournaments that the team played in. we are heading to the provincials again looking for a bantam championship"

Simon Nevin
Restigouche Lady Rebels
Restigouche Co. NB, Canada

"Helps Coaches Get Organized FAST!"*


"We improved our breakout and team chemistry using the drills in the book. Your system will help coaches get organized FAST!"

Tony Tolvo
DeLand Thunder
DeLand, Florida

"Easy To Understand"*


"The drills were easy to understand and practice planning time has been shortened!"

Gary Franceschini
Comox Valley Minor Hockey
Courtenay BC Canada


"The drills were easy to understand and convert into a team practice plan. We finished with 23 wins 3 losses 2 ties, were OMHA champs and winners of two AA tournaments!"

Jeffery Young
Innisfil winterhwaks
Minor Atom A Team
Town of Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

"Makes It So Easy To Get a Practice Together"*


"Your system makes it so easy for me to get a practice together. No stress at all. You just go to the ebook, decide what you want to work on and pick your drills.

It saved me so much time and effort and frustration. We ended with a 660 wining percentage - the best season we have had."

James Bailey
New Glasgow Bombers
Pee Wee B
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

"New Drills I Haven't
Used Before"


"Our team improved greatly over the season, it was exciting to watch kids get better week by week.

Your system gave me new drills I haven't used before, and the pre-designed plans help make my practices more effective."

Ken Hrubeniuk
Ron's Vac
Wainwright, Alberta, Canada

"Takes Only 5 Minutes To Prep"*

"Easy to read and right to the point. Takes only 5 minutes to prep for practice and makes our practice much mnore efficient."

John Knabel
San Jose, CA USA

"The Team Went 18-5-2"*


"Gave me a variety of different drills to keep practice new and exciting. With your help, the team went 18-5-2!"

Walter Lawrence
Delco Phantoms
West Chester PA

43 Year Veteran Says...*

"I have been coaching for 43 years, and think that coaches would benefit immensely from the program."

Roy Nystrom
Albert Lea High School
Albert Lea, MN

"Easy To Access"*


"Easy to access - allows me to stay on schedule and get a lot done in practice."

David Steinberger
Bolingbrook High School Trojans Darien, IL

"Keeps Me Organized"*


"Your system keeps me organized and limits the amount of time spent per drill so that players dont get bored. The improvements between last year and this year were dramatic!"


"Cuts My Prep Time In Half"*

"Cuts my prep time in half because I can print the plans and take them to my staff. We had fun and the kids learned a lot about playing at a higher level."

Larry MacDonald
Glenwood Grizzlies
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

"Prevents Players From Getting Bored"*


"The practice techniques keeps us on task and prevents players from standing around and getting bored."

Lorie Hutchinson
Concord, MA, USA

"Helped Me Organize My Ice Time"*


"Your system allowed me to pick & choose drills to fit my team. The practice plans helped organize my ice time and avoid wasting time standing around and thinking."

Scott Wilcox
Sieurs de Terrebonne
Terrebonne, Canada

"2-3 Minutes To Prepare For Practice!"*

"The plans were quick and easy... takes only 2-3 minutes to prepare for practice!"

Jimmy Swanson
Beaver Esso Hawks
Beaver Valley

"Lots Of Drills To Choose From"*


"The book has lots of drills to choose from and allows us to concentrate on specific skill areas easily."

John Ellison
Sun Valley Twisters Womens Hockey
Ketchum, Idaho, USA

"First In Our League"*


"Using your system, we finished first in our league!"

Dennis Smith
Thunder Bay Westfort
Rangers Bantam A
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

"Made Coaching Less Of A Head-Ache"*

"A great tool to make coaching easier and less of a head-ache. It helped our practices roll smoother and we ended up 20-8-0!"

Neal Duehr
Sioux Falls Flyers
Sioux Falls, SD, USA

In just a moment, I'm gonna show you how to quickly and easily propel your hockey team to winning more games than you ever thought possible.

(and make your role as a coach 100 times easier and more enjoyable than it’s ever been before)

Since 2005, over 2,451 busy Hockey coaches just like you have tapped into the “Insider Secrets” that sent their teams skyrocketing to the top of the standings...

With very little time, and almost no effort.

It doesn't matter how little (or how much) experience you have as a Hockey coach... or how poorly your team is playing right now...

You can instantly start blowing your competition off the ice with explosive skating, laser-guided puck control, and a relentless offensive attack.

(even if your players are small, slow or unathletic)

I know it sounds a bit crazy... maybe even a little hard to believe.

So before we go any further, lemme show you the specific kinds of improvements I’m talking about...

(Your Results May Vary. No Guarantee of Specific Results)

James Ross was struggling to design practices that engaged his players and kept them working hard. Here's what he had to say after trying out my techniques...

34-15-3 Record!*

"Your system showed me how much time to allow for different drills so I could keep the interest of the kids.

canadian hockey team

In a 52 game season we had 34 wins 15 losses and 3 overtime losses. Amazing!"

James R. Ross
Castlegar Rebels
Castlegar, British Columbia

Tina Merx is the head coach of the Surrey Female Atom Falcons. Faced with limited ice time and no coaching experience... she decided to give my hockey coaching system a try... with staggering results!

Here's how she describes it in her own words:

"We Won The League Championship!"*

"Your system was easy to follow and helped organize my whole season. By having a plan I was able to utilize all the ice time to have a productive and effective practice.

girls hockey

This was my first season - from start to finish it was a major improvement. We won the league championship and came in third in the playoffs!"

Tina Merx
Surrey Female Atom Falcons
Surrey, BC, Canada

And check out this spectacular turnaround story from Rob Biehl in Illinois...

"A Dramatic Improvement From Last Year"*

"Last year, we went .500, but this year, with your help, we finished the season with a recordof 30-19-4! Your drills helped develop the skills the kids needed to improve and it did not take long at all to prepare for each practice.


There was a dramatic improvement from last year, because each activity had designated time-frames, and having it written out allowed for smoother transition from one drill to the next.

Robert Biehl
Champaign-Urbana 8U Chiefs
Champaign, IL/USA

And that's just a tiny sample of the coaches who have tried out my hockey coaching system and seen immediate, dramatic results (look to the right to see a few more).

So What’s Their Secret?

What do these coaches know that you don’t?

The fact is... most rookie coaches (as well as many "vets") murder their chances of success before they even step onto the ice.

Because they completely miss the one simple strategy that truly creates a high performance hockey team:

Practice Planning
The RIGHT Way!

If you've ever watched a top level junior hockey or college team practice... you've already seen this principle in action.

The drills are fun... competitive... and follow a natural skill progression… The entire team is on the same page, and sticks to a precise practice schedule.

All your players get detailed instruction on hockey fundamentals... AND the chance to go head-to-head against their teammates in game situation drills.

Each activity flows smoothly from one to another… new concepts are grasped immediately…

And your team gets instantly “programmed” with every skill, tactic and play...


So when it comes to game time, YOUR kids are better trained, better prepared, and better coached… and they clobber your competition while you sit back and enjoy the moment.

But here's the thing.

If effective practice planning was easy, then every Tom, Dick and Harry would be coaching a championship caliber team.

The fact is... practice planning ain't easy. You have a limited amount of ice time to work with and a wide range of skill levels on your team.

Coming up with fresh, new drills and organizing them into step by step plan is complex, time consuming, and nerve-racking.

But it doesn't have to be...

Because I've prepared a very special package just for you...

And if you act today, you can get your hands my championship-proven stash of

53 Fully Diagrammed, Stunningly Effective Hockey Drills... and
25 "Clipboard Ready"
Pre-Designed Practice Plans!

It's all included inside my brand new ebook "Hockey Drills & Practice Plans" a complete step-by-step system for hockey coaching success that over 2,451 coaches from across the world have already tapped into.

You'll never be stuck flat-footed on the ice, wondering "What the heck am I gonna do next?"

Cuz these "magic" hockey blueprints are completely pre-formulated with a minute-by-minute program.

Each practice plan is jam-packed with easy-to-implement, outrageously effective Hockey drills that are customizable for any level - from Mitey Mites to Junior A.

And every drill is explained in plain English with fully illustrated diagrams, step by step instructions and coaching tips.

In fact, this coaching resource is loaded with so many skating, puckhandling, passing, shooting, defensive, and tactical drills…

You’ll never struggle for practice ideas again!

hockey drills and practice plans

Here Are Some Of The Hockey
Coaching Secrets You'll Learn...

hockey drills 53 UNIQUE, FUN and EFFECTIVE Hockey drills explained with step by step instructions. You'll find tons that you've never run before.
hockey plays 25 Pre-Designed Clipboard Ready Practice Plans... fully printable and ready for instant use!
hockey skills The biggest mistake new coaches make when running Hockey tryouts (and how to avoid this embarrassing slip-up)
hockey skills

18 battle-tested Skating and Footwork drills, including:

Push and Glide (pg 7)
Iron Cross Drill (pg 13)
The 8 Dot Drill (pg 14)


"Improved The Transition From
Forward To Backward Skating"


"The skating drills were my favorite because they improved alot on the transition from forward to backward skating. The team is more into the practice because it is more organised and they seem to have more confidence in the coaching staff. We finished with, 22wins 2t 5losses, coming in 1st and going to provincial championships!

Robert Boudreau
Kent south sharks
Notre Dame , NB, Canada

hockey skills The simple 4 step formula even a “rookie coach" can use to design super-efficient, masters-level practices that’ll have opposing coaches spying from the bleachers
hockey skills How to get out of the practice rut! Players like variety – and there is life after laps around the ice!
hockey skills A truly “no brainer” (yet usually overlooked) way to improve your players’ “read and react” skills
hockey skills A simple 3-minute drill that instantly builds puck awareness in young hockey players
hockey skills Jealously guarded techniques to develop a devastatingly accurate wrist-shot
hockey skills An “insider secret” to help your players attack aggressively on the forecheck… then quickly transition to defensive mode when needed
hockey skills

19 detailed Puck handling and Shooting drills built right into the practice plans, including:

"Push & Cushion" (pg 16)
1 on 1 Keep-away (pg 18)
"Escape the Check" (pg 25)

hockey skills The easy 90 second "trick" that teaches young players to see the ice better and recognize opportunities made available by opposing defenses
hockey skills Your players and their parents will be utterly amazed and blown away with your coaching IQ (even if this is all new to you!).

"Parents Are Impressed..."*

"Parents have been impressed with the structure of practices and the emphasis on fundamentals as they translate to game situations. The boys enjoy the drills and I am enjoying coaching. Your practice plans are a treasure."

Bob Gibson
Greenwood, Indiana

hockey skills How to train your kids for faster and more powerful skating
hockey skills The single most important skill youth hockey players need to learn (and why it’s usually overlooked)
hockey skills Progressive drills for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.
hockey skills

18 innovative Hockey Strategy drills that keep your practices fun and fresh (and deliver head-shaking results!) You'll learn:

Circle Passing Drill (pg 27)
Hook and Breakout (pg 33)
Forecheck Drill (pg 34)

hockey skills 3 critical drills to help defenders develop offensive skills on the blue line
hockey skills Unique ideas that will add FUN into your practices (here's a hint... one of them uses eggs!)

"Made Practice More Fun!"*


"These new drills made practice more fun, and the pre-designed plans saved me time."

Steve Dukette
Northfield Northstars

hockey skills The most effective strategy for increasing a defenseman’s mobility and reaction time
hockey skills Minute by minute practice formulas including warm-up, fundamentals, and game prep....
hockey skills

Everything is broken down in step by step detail… so you’re never left on the ice wondering what to do next.

hockey skills How to teach a “skill progression”… starting with the basic fundamentals and working up to advanced skills (kids learn skills 3-5 times faster when structured this way!)
hockey skills The absolute best way to move the puck quicker and create more offense for your team

"Defense, Shooting, Passing Are Much Better"*

"Ice time is a precious thing - these practice plans help to keep practices moving with little delay. Our defense, shooting and passing are much better. So far we are 12-9-3 in the top Mite division. "

Eric Hannemann
Mite 1 Groton Flames
Groton Massachusetts

hockey skills The key to controlling the puck in both stationary and skating situations
hockey skills The CORRECT way to structure your water breaks (do this wrong and you could seriously risk the health of your players!)
hockey skills How to use “small sided activities” to give your players more touches and rapidly develop their skills
hockey skills

Parents: Give your little guy or girl a headstart, with 11 fun Hockey games designed just for "future stars", including:

"Shake Your Bottom" (pg 8)
"Tire Drill" (pg 22)
“Stop the Bus” (pg 9)

hockey skills The A-B-C formula for creating scoring opportunities from an offensive rush
hockey skills Puck carriers must be quick to their feet, execute strong 1-on-1 moves, and not show the puck… we’ll also reveal 14 more tips for developing airtight puck control and lightning quick dekes and fakes
hockey skills How to crank up the “fun factor” in your practice… while keeping your players focused and motivated (HINT: it’s all about using “competitive drills”)

And much, much more.

You'll have a virtual encyclopedia of hockey know-how that’s designed specifically for coaches.

And it’s organized into fully searchable chapters for beginner, intermediate and advanced teams, so you'll actually use it over and over.

Think of all the time you'll save...

And how good it'll feel to run a mega-efficient practice that's sure to impress ANY assistant coach, team parent or school official.

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Coaches have paid $97 to get just a snippet of this no-holds-barred hockey coaching system.

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Hockey Coaching Secrets
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Special Bonus Report #1

"Hockey Tryout Secrets"

hockey tryouts

Do you dread tryouts and player selection? Whether you coach a competitive team or a recreational "no-cut" team, this special report will teach you how to select the best possible players... without caving in to political pressure.

I'll reveal the closely guarded secrets of my Team Selection Matrix, a scientific approach to evaluating your pool of talent... and much, much more. You'll learn...

check How to choose the right number of players for your team - targeted advice for all levels of competition
check Insider tips on how to announce your cuts (Here's a hint: posting the team roster on the gym bulletin board is bound to backfire!)
check How to insulate yourself and protect your tryouts from prying parents and nosy officials
check How to pick the best players for the end of your bench. This time-tested secret may surprise you!
check What to look for when filling each of the positions for your team
check A fresh approach on the value of Attitude, Coachability, Athleticism, and Potential. How to decide the importance of these factors when selecting your team
check A ready-made Hockey Tryout Plan, with minute-by-minute instructions from start to finish. Two full hours of drills and coaching tips to isolate fundamental strengths and weaknesses.

This amazing resource could easily sell for $29.00 on its own... but it's yours FREE if your order today!

"Tryout Secrets Was Exactly What I Needed..."*

“The Try-Out secrets document was exactly what I needed last year. After seeing your simplified categories, I switched and it saved me hours of time. Plus, it helped me when dealing with parent's questions on player selection. I wish I had this material when I started 13 years ago, would have saved many many long nights of reading and learning.”

Mike McCarthy
Temecula, CA


Special Bonus Report #2

"Lifetime Hockey Coaching Updates"

lifetime hockey coaching updates

The game of hockey is constantly changing... and these updates will keep you on the cutting edge of developments in the sport.

All updates to my Hockey Drills & Practice Plans will be delivered directly to your inbox, free of charge. You'll receive:

check Brand new hockey drills and coaching tips
check Video content featuring new Hockey coaching strategies
check Coaching tips, articles, and advice
check Recommended resources for coaching certification, time-saving software, hockey DVD's, hockey equipment and more
check Opportunities to network and share knowledge with other coaches

And much more....

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No matter how horrible your team is playing right now… and no matter how impossible it seems… you're just 90 seconds away from running jaw-dropping hockey practices that'll improve your kids by leaps and bounds on the very first night.

PS - Still not convinced? Listen to the feedback sent in by coaches just like you...

"A Perfect Guide To Coaching"*

jesse"The Hockey Skills and Practice Plans Ebook is a perfect guide to coaching. It has helped me expand my repetoire of drills by allowing me to see coaching from a different professional perspective. As a Powerskating-for-Hockey coach, I have recommended Matt's website to many of my instrctors. I truely recommend the ebook to all coaches, experienced or not there is something in there for everyone - even if you aren't behind the bench!"

Thanks again Matt,
Jesse Sklar
Toronto, Canada

"There Were Actually FUN Drills Here"*

"The ease of finding "new" drills was the BEST part! The kids knew right away that I had some sort of a new "drill book" because they asked "OK, where did you get this drill from? Its a good one!" I was honest and I told them! There were actually FUN drills here.

I cut my practice planning down by a good 2 hours. I am meticulous in planning a good practice. I lay about 6-7 books out and go through each one for what I am specifically looking for. Its very time consuming!

The new Hockey Drill & Practice Plans ebook lays everything right there out in front of you so that I did not need all of those 6-7 books! I was so amazed!

I would definitely reccommend this Hockey Drills & Practice Plans ebook to other coaches. It frees up so much more of your time so that you can spend more of your "so called hockey time" searching the web for other ideas of things to do with your team."

Terry Baum
Oswego Midget
Oswego, New York

First Year Coach Says...*

doug"I liked the pre made practice plans and great drills. It helped me to break up the time appropriately throughout the ice slot when putting together my own pratice. It was my first year as coach and many of the players first year of hockey. Our record was roughly .500 but we as coaches saw a significant improvement in the individual players but more importantly in them playing as a team. I would recomend it to other coaches. It provides fresh and new ideas and I really like the on going updates and new ideas. I also like the ideas gathered and shared from the other coaches."

Doug Hutson
Novice 5 Cyclones
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

order risk free