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Hockey Skating Drills

There are different ways you can train your hockey team to play harder and better to beat the opposing team. It is very true that practice makes perfect, so using hockey skating drills is essential to getting your players scoring goals and alluding the puck from their rivals. Here are some drills you can use to help make this happen.

Gaining Puck Control

To help get your team to take control and keep control of the puck, you can exercise their skills with a relay race game. With this hockey drill, your team will mainly be focusing on skating quickly and maintaining their grasp on the puck. By making it a relay will push your players to try harder to keep control of the puck. Make it more motivating by issuing 15 pushups to the losing team.

If you have witnessed your players making a u-turn to get the puck instead of stopping; you can do a four minute drill that can help with this issue. Simply divide the team into groups of three. Have each hockey player skate from the blue line to the middle red line twice -- one at a time. This is repeated non-stop for four minutes. You can also add to this drill by including a puck per group. You can also have them start off on their knees or even on their stomachs. Have the players skate backwards on their way back from the red line to the blue line. It is important that your team players are skating at full speeds during the duration of the exercise.

Goals Can’t be Scored Unless you Pass

Other great hockey skating drills include teaching your players how to successfully pass the hockey puck. There are various techniques to use to help other areas of the game, such as defense and shooting. With this particular drill, you have your Winger to pass boards off to the defense player. The defense then takes the pass and crosses it over to another defense; the defense player then shoots the puck into the net. The Winger then attempts to pick up available rebounds to knock the puck into the net. Now have the right side and left side rotate positions. Hockey Skating Drills

To work more on the defense aspect of your team, you can use a drill called the Clarkson one vs. one. You have both defense players begin at the same time. The Forwards also begin at the same time as the defense; the Forwards skate to their position of breakout at the hash marks. You then have the defense players push the puck around the net before making a breakout pass to the Forward. Once the gap between the defense and the neutral zone is closed (after the pass), the defense transitions to backwards -- this then turns into a one on one match between the Forward and Backwards players. They will be coming from either end of the ice.

There are many hockey skating drills to use to keep your team on its feet and scoring goals. Endurance drills are just as important as drills that build speed. There is no use in having speed unless you know how to stop at the puck without having to loop back around to get it. This is valuable time and this could allow a player from the opposite team to cease the puck.

Here is a quick video with some fabulous power skating hockey drills:

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