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Ice Hockey Drills

Some Ice hockey drills are more amusing than others are. When it comes to the shooting drill, every player jumps at the chance. What kind of shot or shots must a player have to have a chance of beating a solid goaltender? Here are some shot examples and how to make the work.

Forehand wrist shot

This ice hockey drill is the most important in the shooting category. When little kids start shooting a puck around, the wrist shot is the first one they will do. The most important aspect of practising this shot is the weight transfer. The weight transfer is supposed to start from you back to your front leg. Players must stand perpendicular to their target with their sticks cupped on the puck and the puck behind their back foot. They must transfer their weight as they move the puck forward, and follow through. As there are sliding the puck forward on the ice, the must quickly reverse their wrists to make the puck rise. This shot is especially effective when practising on targets.

Backhand wrist shotIce Hockey Drills

The backhand uses the same technique as the forehand. The problem that has been seen is that players usually put the puck too far in front of them when they start. When this happens, they will have less power when they take their shot. Some good drills for this shot is again putting targets in each corner of the net and shoot as many pucks as you can.

Slap shot

The snap shot is surely the most dangerous shot in hockey. Professionals have shots that can reach 100 mph. The thing is, it might look impressive but it is not that effective. The reason for this is that it does not have a fast release. The best slap shot is when a player makes contact with the ice about one inch behind the puck. A great drill for the slap shot is to have players on the blue line facing the net and let them shoot. Then you will be able to see what is good and what is not.

Snap shot

The snap shot is the most precise shot in hockey. There is no wind-up at all, it is a quick release shot, and the technique is just a quick reverse of the wrists. The best drill is to have a player in the corner passing the puck to another who is in the high slot. He gets the puck and quick releases it towards the net.

These are the most common shooting ice hockey drills. The more drills you have the more effectiveness these types of shots will have. There are many more shots to practise, but if you can handle these first, it is going to make the game much easier.


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