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Canadian Hockey Coaching

For those interested in Canadian hockey coaching there are certain aspects of the game you must know. Not everybody can be a Canadian hockey coach; it can be a difficult job. Here are some tips on how you can make it easier.

Getting started

As a Canadian hockey coaching leader, you will be called upon to teach a variety of essential skills and attributes to hockey players. Teamwork, communication, adaptability, ingenuity, creativity, courage, focus and trust are all aspects that are needed to make a good team. As a coach, you will teach all you know to your players, but they must also be able to teach themselves some tricks as well. The player’s highs and lows provide unique teaching opportunities for them to grow.

As the Canadian hockey coach, you must know when and when not to intercede. Things can be unpredictable and you must be able to adapt to different and new situations. With this kind of learning it is some times better to just step aside and let the players settle a problem by them selves.

ImaginationCanadian Hockey Coaching

You must always be able to keep your player on their toes. Your players must always try to fun and not make look or feel like it is hard work. This is where you come in. It is your job to coach these players and show them some new plays that you read of or just plain invented. Your players will likely be glad that there is diversity in practises. Make them work hard and still find a way for them to have fun.


Debriefing at the end of a practise is necessary. If you do not do it, the players will have participated in a fun group activity, but they will not have gained the full benefit. By looking back at what was done in practise, you allow your players to process and digest their results. They will have fewer problems figuring out why that exercise was useful, what went right and what went wrong. There is a good chance that by doing this your players will have learned to be better players and better teammates.


This activity is meant to break down the initial barriers between individual group members. It rarely happens that a group of people that do not know each end up as a finely tuned machine at the end of the first practise. With time and exercises, they will become familiar with each other and begin to trust one another also. Some good icebreakers are; around the circle, bios, note card facts, fact sheet, call your bluff, name game, etc.

Canadian hockey coaching will never be the easiest task in the world. Patience is needed to get a group of player all playing for the right reason and in the right system.

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