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Coaching High School Hockey

Coaching high school hockey can be a great way of getting into the sport. Before you begin coaching hockey, there are some things you need to consider:

Know the sport

Coaching high school hockey doesn't have to be an overwhelming endeavor. A good starting point would to actually go to as many high school hockey games as you can. Find the schedule in the newspaper and go to the game. Be attentive, look at every aspect of the game and take notes.

In addition, you can attend some coaching camps, workshops, and clinics. Get to know the rules, strategies and principals of hockey. Read as many books as you can on the subject.

Get a job

Once you are sure that you know enough about coaching high school hockey, it is time to apply. Look in the local newspapers for job ads or even better go to the school and present yourself with your resume.

Use the knowledge that you have learned by studying the game to formulate a plan for impressing employers. Show how much you love and know the game and that you have a desire to teach you learning’s.

Get ready for the seasoncoaching high school hockey

Assuming you got the job, the season now starts for you. First things first, you must know your opponents. Since this is high school, finding game tapes can be difficult. You can always call other coaches and just talk with them. You might learn a few strengths and weaknesses just by asking the right questions.

Limit your practices. Over practicing the players is not only unfair to the students but it can seriously affect their game and their studies. When it is time to practice though, be there with them. Go on the ice and just be with them. A coach can inspire a very powerful team-to-coach bond.

Succeed in Games

The only way you are going have success with your team, is by knowing your team. You must be able to know almost everything about your players. In practise or in a game look at how quickly a player tires, you can then know when to change the lines effectively without leaving a player out there for too long.

Another part of high school coaching is having assistant coaches. It is always a good idea to listen to them. You must also listen to your players, they are on the ice and they have a good flow of what is going right and what is going wrong. You must also manage the emotions on your team. Overly emotional teams tend to be very reckless and sloppy.

Coaching high school hockey can be a very amusing job. Know your game and players and success will surely follow.

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